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Science Policy Lecture Series: 
Inaugural Session: Science Advice in a Troubled World
Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand

Lecture Summary

The inaugural session of the Canadian Science Policy Lecture Series was hosted by ISSP on Monday January 16th at the University of Ottawa. Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand delivered a presentation titled “Science Advise in a Troubled World”. The session started with speeches by Monica Gattiner, Director of Institute for Science, Society and Policy, Jacques Frémont, President of the University of Ottawa as well as Mehrdad Hariri, CEO and President of the Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC).

Lecture Introduction

The world is facing many challenges from environmental?degradation?and climate change to global health issues, and many more.? Societal relationships are changing; sources of information,?reliable and?otherwise,?and their transmission are affecting the nature of public policy.
Within this context the question arises;?how can scientific advice to governments help address these emerging issues in a more?unstable and?uncertain?world?
The?relationship between science and?politics is?complex and the?challenges at?their interface are?growing.?What?does scientific advice mean within this context?
How can science better?inform policy?where?decision making is increasingly made?against a background of post-truth?polemic??

Sir Peter Gluckman, chief science advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Chair of the International Network of Government Science Advice will give his perspective on these questions.

CSPC had the honour of hosting Sir Peter Gluckman at CSPC 2015, you can watch the videos of his speech and interview:
Sir Gluckman Keynote Speech at CSPC 2015
Sir Gluckman interview with Mehrdad Hariri at CSPC2015

You may also subscribe to our YouTube channel to view all the latest videos from CSPC events.

CSPC Lecture Series Host

The inaugural session will be hosted by the University of Ottawa's Institute for Science Society and Policy (ISSP). Launched ?in 2010, the ISSP carries out research, teaching and public outreach on the relationship between society and science, innovation and technology. The ISSP is managed by a multidisciplinary group of professors from the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Law, Management, Medicine, Science and Social Science. Its activities span science and innovation policy, evidence-based decision-making, and technology and risk governance.

Host Website: Institute of Science Society and Policy, ISSP